Solutions to past exam papers Please find to the right (or at the bottom of the page if you are using a phone) a section where full worked solutions to past examination papers, both Higher and Ordinary Levels, can be found.  More solutions are being added all the time.  If you require a solution that is not yet up on the site, please send us an email with the year, level and question number, and we will get that solution up for you as soon as possible.  We will be adding more resources for students below, so please keep checking back to this page.  These solutions are generally more detailed than the official marking schemes, which can be found on the State Examinations website here.


Answers to higher level questions 1983-2019:  LC HL Answers 1983-2019.  This is a printable 7 page document with all the answers to the Higher Level papers going back to 1983.  I suggest you print it out, and stick it in the back of your book of exam papers, so you can check your answers as you are practicing.

Old exam papers:  these are available to download for free from the Physics Teacher website: The Physics Teacher old exam papers.  There are also solutions to many old papers here, as well as other useful links.

Archive of really old Leaving Certificate exam papers:  an extensive archive of old exam papers going right back to 1926 in a range of Maths related subjects, including Applied Maths, has been put together by Dr. David Malone of NUIM here:  Mathsy State Exam Papers

New "Introduction to Applied Mathematics" text book:  Please find below the first five chapters of a new version of the book I was in the process of writing, titled Introduction to Applied Mathematics. This project is currently on hold, while I write a new version of the main text book to cover the upcoming new syllabus.  Basically this covers the Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level course only, and is intended for use for students when they start the subject first, in either 5th year or in Transition Year.  The maths required is basically just Junior Certificate Higher Level.  Please feel free to use these resources, with the proviso that you give me your feedback on them.  It follows the same format as the other book, but is a good deal shorter and more straightforward.

Introduction to Applied Mathematics, Chapter 1:  Accelerated Linear Motion:  IAM Chapter 1 with answers

Introduction to Applied Mathematics, Chapter 2:  Forces and Newton's Laws:  IAM Chapter 2 with answers

Introduction to Applied Mathematics, Chapter 3:  Projectiles:  IAM Chapter 3 with answers

Introduction to Applied Mathematics, Chapter 4:  Relative Velocity:  IAM Chapter 4 with answers

Introduction to Applied Mathematics, Chapter 5:  Impacts and Collisions:  IAM Chapter 5 with answers

Simulations of many Applied Maths systems can be found on  These are really useful to help visualise what is going on in various applied maths problems. 


Also available from Tír na nÓg Publications:  Formulae 1 revision books for Leaving Cert Maths (Higher and Ordinary) and Physics,  Formulae 1 revision books